Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Revisited w/ Jack Geckler

The final installment of our Star Wars Revisited series is here as we discuss Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This series has given us the opportunity to re-watch the saga and comment on it with fresh eyes. In this podcast we discuss a film that we both believe to be one of the best in the saga. This is the installment before we head into The Last Jedi next month.

However, before we get to The Force Awakens we have some other great items for you.

First we have the major announcement from Lucasfilm regarding Rian Johnson currently developing a brand new Star Wars trilogy as well as information on a new live-action Star Wars television series that will be part of Disney’s upcoming streaming service. The announcement of the Rian Johnson trilogy seems to indicate a high level of confidence in The Last Jedi. It seems unlikely that they would give Johnson so much creative freedom if they were no quite happy with the work he did on Episode VIII.

Second, we have our first guest interview in the brief history of Nerd Flix & Chill. Jack Geckler, who worked on digital animation for The Force Awakens joins us to discuss his experience working on the film. Jack provides a lot of great insight about all the work involved in creating a film like TFA.

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