Justice League – Review

It’s time for our review of Justice League. It’s been a rocky road for the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. After fairly decent start with Man of Steel, they stumbled badly with Batman v Superman and things got even worse with Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman however, turned out to be a great success and rekindled some hope that these amazing characters could be brought together for an awesome film.


Unfortunately, many of the problems that existed in Batman v Superman still exist in Justice League. The story is choppy, the script is below average, the villain is underdeveloped and the moments that should feel epic and awesome just simply fall flat. There are some positives in the film. Wonder Woman is a joy to watch and The Flash essentially steals the movie. There is an excellent scene at the Superman statue and the soundtrack also has some fun throwbacks to previous DC films. But in the end, its just a big CGI laden mess.


Perhaps most frustrating is that this is a film that had a decent outline. The elements of a potentially good film all exist, but nothing really comes together. The story begins by establishing a world hopeless without Superman, a plot point restated several times through the film, but that hopelessness is never resolved on screen. We don’t see how they world is affected by these heroes coming forward.


In this podcast we give our full review of Justice League.


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